ALVIN Submarine VR Simulation Capstone Project (In-Progress)


ALVIN Submarine VR Simulation Capstone Project (In-Progress)

Taking VR to even greater depths.

Project Description:

            The intent of this project is to create an interactive, VR experience in the ALVIN submarine. The simulation begins with the submersible in complete darkness with a single monitor on, displaying multiple interviews of pilots and researchers who have worked on ALVIN. Once the interviews finish, ALVIN powers up. The monitors display a rotating symbol of the WHOI logo while the player waits for ALVIN to finish turning on. After they finish loading, the monitor on the left displays the location of ALVIN in the environment, the center one displays the oxygen levels and the overall health of the submarine, and finally the right monitor shows the location of the ships on the surface of the water. By exploring this VR experience, the participant will learn how to operate/pilot ALVIN while also learning about marine wildlife.

 Above are screen captures of the main menu and the in-game pause menu.

Below are examples of what it is like in third- and first-person mode.

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